Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Give three strengths of the agency.

  1. As a faith based agency, ACPA is able to work with a variety of people – show the love of Christ through all situations.
  2. ACPA takes pride in their ability to convey information and keep communication open throughout the adoption process.
  3. As a small family oriented agency we are able to provide personal services to our families and the children we work with and are an active part of our community.


Could you give three examples of how your agency/organization has helped or empowered individuals that have used your service(s)?

  1. We work with many women who are in a crisis or unplanned pregnancy.  We not only support them but educate them as to what the option of adoption looks like.  We promote life affirming choices, so if parenting is the choice, we assist the birth mom in finding resources that help her parent successfully.  If her choice is adoption, then ACPA helps her create an adoption plan.
  2. We provide trainings for our families which help them understand the children who may be placed in their home.  We support and refer families to local churches who have adoption support groups.  
  3. When working with children (SWAN), we provide vital services like child preparation.  This service helps the child transition from where they are to where they may be going.  We work over an extended period of time (10 visits) to help the child understand where they are going and why – The child and ACPA worker create a Life Book that the child will keep forever.  In that book – we help address the following topics – Gives the child a voice, Honors the Past, Answers the child’s questions, Makes connections, looks to the future. %MCEPASTEBIN%


How does your agency/organization collaborate with other community agencies?

ACPA collaborates with our SWAN trainings.  We work with Project Star to provide trainings such as – Who are the Children? Who are the Parents? Child Development, Grief and Loss, Attachment and Bonding, Healing the Hurts, Parenting and Resources.  

ACPA is also part of the Butler Collaborative for Families.  Our services extend into neighboring counties as we are a licensed Adoption/Foster Care agency in the state of PA. 

We are members of the Beaver Chamber of Commerce as well as the North Regional Chamber.

We have the support of several local churches.  


What gives you satisfaction or a sense of accomplishment in your job?

Spreading the word about the life affirming gift of adoption.  Educating others and dispelling myths about adoption/foster care. 


How is Christianity shown through this organization?

As a faith based adoption and foster care agency – the decisions we make are to be Christ like.  We hope to show the love of Christ through our actions, words and how we conduct ourselves.