Get Involved

You can help support adoptions and foster care by lending your time and talent to one of the many volunteer opportunities at Adoption Connection, PA. 

“Give a little love to a child, and you get a great deal back”

John Ruskin


Getting Started

Adoption Connection, PA appreciates your interest and support to our agency.  We are proud of the individuals who choose to give  their time and talents to help support our goal of finding homes for waiting children.   To get started, review the volunteer requirements listed below and complete any necessary forms. 


There are so many different ways to volunteer at Adoption Connection, PA.  From working in our office assisting with clerical duties to helping during fundraisers and events, volunteers are always needed.  Help behind the scenes during our Forever Family 5K Run and Fun Walk as well as during the event, keeps this growing fundraiser running smoothly.  Without the help of the community and some amazing volunteers, we would not be able to have our Cheer Off for Children.  This event is packed full of excitement and energy and keeps all helping on their toes.  Go to our event page for a listing events and opportunities for your involvement.  Feel free to contact Sherry our Outreach Coordinator for details (724) 371-0671.  

Join Adoption Connection, PA’s Board

We invite individuals who have a passion for adoption and foster care to join the board of ACPA. Our board is comprised not only of adoptive parents but individuals who desire to give their time and talents to further the development of Adoption Connection, PA. The ACPA board sponsors a number of fundraising and outreach activities each year. To learn more contact Robin Thompson at 724 371-0671 or rthompson@adoptionconnectionpa.org