Joe and Bethany

We are Joe and Bethany and we have a sweet daughter, Ava. We’ve been blessed to experience adoption previously with Ava, and are humbled by the love you have for your precious little one! There are just no words to describe the mixture of bittersweet joy and love that are all a part of adoption, it is truly beautiful.

A little bit about us: 

Joseph is an engineer who designs industrial equipment. He is curious about how everything works and is a problem solver. He enjoys working on projects around the house and spending time outdoors in his free time. He is selfless and giving and loves to spend time with Ava exploring, teaching her about how things work and answering all of her curious kid questions!

Bethany is very compassionate and nurturing. She enjoys being a mother and a homemaker. She loves being able to teach Ava life skills like baking, cooking, sewing and also how to be wise, truthful and virtuous in this world. 

Ava is incredibly motherly and loves caring for others. She loves reading and playing with dolls and exploring outdoors. She would love to have a sibling to share all her adventures with. We are hoping to adopt a child of either gender and would prefer to adopt an infant up to the age of 3 years.  We welcome a child of any race.

Zachary and Lauren

Zachary described Lauren as loving and dedicated to anything she sets out to do. He happily referred to her as “one in a million.” Her references noted that Lauren values her faith and family above all. They mentioned her biggest strength is that “she loves so well”

Zachary describes himself as motivated and friendly. Lauren reports that Zachary is outgoing, caring, and loving. References wrote that Zachary is focused and detail oriented. He works extremely hard but is also self-aware enough to know when to not

They are hoping to adopt a girl and would prefer to adopt an infant up to the age of 1 year. Zachary and Lauren have no restrictions on race but feel in their hearts that they are hoping for an African American or bi-racial child. Optimally, a healthy child is their first preference; the couple is open to mild health concerns. They feel adequately skilled to handle the needs of a child with mild physical health concerns or past abuse history.