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Meet Nathan & Becky

Nathan is outgoing, loving, supportive, and patient. His top priorities in his life are his family, faith, and work. Nathan is an Information Technology (IT) Consultant who enjoys watching sports, playing video games, and reading.

Becky is kind, family oriented, hardworking, and organized. Her top priorities in her life are maintaining relationships with family, being the best at her job, and her faith. Becky is a pediatric physical therapist who enjoys adult coloring books, cooking, and playing with the family dog, Odie.

Nathan and Becky share their home with their 9 month old Yorkshire Terrier, Odie. He is great with kids and enjoys playing fetch, taking walks in the neighborhood, and snuggling on the couch.

Nathan and Becky have a wonderful relationship built on love, trust, and respect. They share the same values and goals including the importance of family, their faith, and raising a family together. They also share a love of family and a desire to keep their already strong ties and relationships with their extended family members. They are excited to grow their family through adoption and would welcome the opportunity to adopt an infant of any race and either gender.

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Meet Michael and Josie!

Michael has been described as outgoing, caring and someone who puts others first. He is loving, funny and generous. His top priorities in life are his family, faith and providing financially for his family. He enjoys fishing, photography, history and drawing. 

Josie is described as organized, hardworking and driven. She is intelligent, loving and motivated. Josie’s top priorities in life are maintaining good relationships with friends and family, helping others to know their worth and working hard.

Michael and Josie wish to adopt an infant child of either gender and any race. They  have a strong relationship, possessing love, respect and admiration for each other. They are eager to begin their family through adoption!

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Meet Joe & Carolina

Joe is described as serious and driven. He enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and pursuing his faith which includes praying, reading the Bible and talking about his faith.

Carolina is described as shy, a hard worker and someone who perseveres. She is friendly, warm and motherly. She enjoys hiking, swimming and watching movies. Her top priorities in life are stability, happiness and her family.

Joe and Carolina have a dedicated relationship full of respect and love for each other. They are excited to expand their family through adoption. They are interested in adopting an infant of any race and of either gender


Contact Adoption Connection, PA  at 724-371-0671 for more information about this family!