This service is available to any child or older youth in the legal custody of CYS. A child profile is a comprehensive summary of the child’s life history, current function and special needs. It can be referred for all children and youth in CYS custody regardless of their permanency goal and assists in choosing a resource family. It creates a history the child may review with their child preparation worker, independent living worker, resource, kinship, custodial or adoptive family and may be given to youth 14 and older.

The profile assists in identifying connections and supports for the child by reviewing past and existing relationships. For older youth with a goal of APPLA, the profile provides a summary so they can review the sequence of their time in out of home care. A detailed description of the contents of a child profile and the required timelines for its completion can be found in the SWAN bulletin. Referrals for this service must come from the county with custody. Payment is based on receipt of certification from the county to the affiliate agency and indicated the work is completed to the county’s satisfaction.