Treatment Foster Care (TFC) is a specialized type of foster care geared towards new and experienced parents who are either currently working with children or who are preparing to do so for the first time.  This training was developed by Pressley Ridge in recognition that those who work to serve the needs of children and teens take on extremely complex and challenging responsibilities. As a TFC parent, you are responsible for keeping the child safe and supervised while teaching them skills to overcome their issues. TFC parents also provide love, nurturing, acceptance, and encouragement. The TFC parent makes it a priority for the child to participate in community/recreational activities as well as staying connected with their friends and family while in care. As a key part of the child’s treatment team, the TFC parent is provided specialized training as well as support and guidance from the ACPA staff. 

Adoption Connection, PA staff was formally and professionally taught through a train the trainer course ran by the developers of this curriculum from Pressley Ridge.  We proudly use and present the most up to date material that the development team at Pressley Ridge spent many, many hours perfecting in order to provide top notch material to individuals interested in continuing their education through the TFC program.