Our Story

Adoption Connection, PA is a non-profit, faith based, full service, foster care and adoption agency.  We were established in 1995 as Adoption Connection, Inc. Initially, the agency served birth mothers considering placing their children for adoption through the private adoption process. The founder was Judy Vasalinda.  She had a heart for adoption and especially working with birth mothers.  She herself made an adoption plan as a woman with an unplanned pregnancy and then later in life chose to adopt.  

In 2008, Adoption Connection, Inc. reincorporated as Adoption Connection, PA, a for profit agency.  We are now a full service, non-profit, faith based adoption and foster care agency.  Through the years, we began utilizing the foster care system while certifying our adoptive families to be foster to adopt families. In addition, we began working within the Statewide Adoption Network (SWAN), providing services to children who may be adopted in the future. 

In 2014, ACPA began the journey of becoming a foster care agency. Currently, we have 28 employees and our programs are growing! Our goal is to serve as many children and families as possible! Our foster care program, Fostering Connections, supports reunification for those who it is appropriate and assist with adoptions when it is necessary. 

ACPA provides birth mother services,  foster care and adoption outreach, education and awareness all free of charge to those in need.   As a non-profit, ACPA relies on generous gifts, donations, event sponsorships and grants to assure we can continue these services.

ACPA is also funded privately and by the state.  Private adoptions are paid by fee for service. The state of PA funds the Statewide Adoption Network – SWAN  – which then pays the county (Children and Youth Services) for services.  ACPA is an affiliate agency which receives referrals for services.

Our Vision

For ACPA -Adoption Connection, PA assists birth families, adoptive families, children and placing agencies through the adoption journey, and educates the community to foster awareness about the incredible, life-giving sacrifice of adoption.