About Us


About Us

Choosing an adoption agency can feel overwhelming. We are here for you!

Our staff understands adoption is a journey and we will guide you through the entire adoption process with educational training, counseling, patience, and respect. We realize that you come to us with hopes, dreams, and questions. We are here for you!

Our experienced staff will be readily available to you by phone and in person to answer questions and help you feel comfortable during each phase of the adoption process.  Thank you for taking the time to learn more about ACPA.

Below is information about Adoption Connection, PA to help you decide if ACPA is the right agency for you.

Brief History of ACPA

Adoption Connection, PA started out as Adoption Connection, Inc. in 1995.  The founder was Judy Vasalinda.  She had a heart for adoption and especially working with birth mothers.  She herself made an adoption plan as a woman with an unplanned pregnancy and then later in life chose to adopt.  In 2008, Adoption Connection, Inc. reincorporated into Adoption Connection, PA.  At this time we were a for profit agency but not classified as a non-profit.  As ACPA, we are now a full service, non-profit, faith based adoption and foster care agency.

How is the agency funded?

As a non-profit, ACPA relies on generous gifts, donations and grants to assure our Birth Mother Program and Outreach/Education Programs are provided free to those in need as well to spread adoption awareness. ACPA is also funded privately and by the state.  Private adoptions are paid by fee for service. The state of PA funds the Statewide Adoption Network – SWAN  – which then pays the county (Children and Youth Services) for services.  ACPA is an affiliate agency which receives referrals for services.

Mission Statement or Philosophy/Purpose:

For ACPA -Adoption Connection, PA assists birth families, adoptive families, children and placing agencies through the adoption journey, and educated the community to foster awareness about the incredible, life-giving sacrifice of adoption.
For our Foster Care Program – Family Connections – Family Connections, a program of ACPA, assists birth families, resource families, children and placing agencies through the foster care and/or adoption journey and educates the community about the process.

Services ACPA provides:

  • Home studies
  • Family Training & Support
  • Advocacy & Matching
  • Post –Placement Supervision
  • Court Appearances
  • Post Permanency
  • SWAN services (Child Profiles, Family Profiles, Child Preparation, Post – Permanency services, Child Specific Recruitment)
  • Birth Mother Services
  • Foster Care Services
  • Outreach – (outreach and education programs are available for schools, churches and community organizations)


Who can access these services? Are referrals needed? Are their payments or fees for services?

Anybody can access private services – although, there is an approval process the families will need to complete.  SWAN services require a referral from the requesting county.  Families who are interested in adopting via the county (SWAN) also need to go through an approval process.  Regardless of the type of adoption (Private or SWAN or even International) an approval document is required.  ACPA does require application fees.

Eligibility requirements.

  • If married – need to be married for three years
  • Good Financial Standing
  • One year period following a traumatic life event (death in the family, birth of a child)
  • Approval document


The procedure or protocol to follow to access service(s).

  • We recommend a free orientation
  • Complete an application
  • Complete the necessary paperwork – includes FBI, PA State Criminal and Child Abuse clearances, references, financial statement, employment verification, Home Safety questionnaire, Physical Exam (good health and free from communicable disease), Personal health history, 12 page biographical questionnaire which helps us get to know the family better –questions address education, work history, marriage, interaction with children, family dynamics, Birth certificates, Marriage license, Driver’s license, Car and home owners insurance
  • Caseworker assigned – will do a home safety check of the home and interview the family.
  • Approval document written and Approved.
  • Matching starts if SWAN. Search for Birth mother starts if Domestic/Infant adoption.