Waiting Families


Waiting Families

Waiting Family
We are Jeff and Christy. We would be blessed to bring a child into our family through adoption, to share laughs and adventures, to help them discover their strengths and talents.  We would teach a child to love as Jesus loved unconditionally.  Our home has a spacious backyard and is located in a safe and friendly community.  We attend a Christian church and are actively involved.  Jeff enjoys the outdoors. He likes hunting with his uncles and cousin.  He also loves water sports.  Christy enjoys cooking and trying new dishes.  She focuses on nutrition keeping both of us in good health.  Christy is an artist and has taken many pictures and uses them in her artwork.  She loves painting in watercolor.  Our friends and family have been so supportive through our adoption journey.  Thank you for taking the time to read about us!  For additional information, call Adoption Connection, PA  (724) 371-0671.

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Hi! We’re Amy and Joel.  After eight years of marriage, our lives would be made complete by welcoming a child into our loving family.  From home-cooked meals with our families to games in the backyard with our neighbors, we appreciate the love and strength we receive from those close to us.  Our spacious home is located on the border of the city and suburbs, giving us easy access to many sporting events, museums and concerts, while still offering nearby walking trails to explore with Django, our Boston Terrier/Pug.  We enjoy traveling, especially to visit Joel’s British family in London.  Running our own company allows us to have a flexible schedule and plenty of time to spend together.  As musicians, there is always a melody playing in the house, and as music teachers, we ourselves have learned unending patience and understanding.  Joel is a skilled handyman, transforming every room in our house into a warm and inviting place.  Amy learned all about baking and sewing from her grandma and is always making new treats for friends and family.  The support and love of those close to us throughout the years just adds to our excitement to bring a new child into our home through adoption!  For additional information, call Adoption Connection, PA  (724) 371-0671.

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Hello and thank you for taking time to meet our family and get a glimpse into our lives.  We are Chuck and Michelle and this is our son Charlie.  Michelle is an Elementary School Teacher, Chuck works in Admissions at a Technical School and Charlie is your everyday Middle School Student.  We recently added a Wheaton Terrier, Biscuit, to our family.  She is a lovable pup who has added much joy to our home.  One thing we love is doing things together as a family.  We enjoy attending sporting events, watching movies, swimming, playing board games and going for walks and bike rides.  We also try to take at least one family vacation each and every summer. We stay busy throughout the year as Charlie is involved in multiple sports.  He participates in football, wrestling and baseball at different points during the year.  We live in a small town that has a wonderful sense of community.  We live in a 3 bedroom ranch style house and have plenty of room for another addition to our family.  We are fortunate to have many family members and friends who support us in bringing a child into our loving family through adoption.  The strength of our family is a great foundation for children to grow and flourish.  We are so grateful to have the opportunity to introduce you to our lives, our love for one another, and the world in which we live.  Welcoming your precious child into our hearts and lives would make our family complete.  We are ready to give unconditional love, guidance, a wealth of support, and all the kisses and hugs a child could ever need.  If you would choose us, please know we will provide your child a safe and loving environment with lots of fun times, new experiences, and a lifetime of laughter, love, and security.  We wish you the best in your decisions and pray you find comfort and peace.  For additional information about our family, call Adoption Connection, PA  (724) 371-0671.